OUR REPUTATION is in the hands of the people we encounter daily. We shall meet them as friends.


OUR STRATEGY is to bring clarity to the selection process by gaining a comprehensive understanding of each client's unique market strategy and culture, thus helping them to focus on candidates who match well within the organization's planned trajectory.


OUR STRENGTH lies in our ability to help decision makers to clearly define and articulate the characteristics and traits needed among their top echelon leaders. We help move clients from initial uncertainties about the selection alternates before them, through closing the deal with the preferred choice.


OUR GOAL is to earn lasting, rewarding and collaborative relationships with senior executives as they significantly impact the future of their enterprises.

Jude M. Werra & Associates, LLC
Bringing clarity to executive selection.

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There is a method to choosing pivotal players. Clients need to clearly visualize both themselves and those leaders who add value to the team. Clarifying this process is Jude M. Werra & Associates' core competency.

Jude Werra has been helping clients with executive selection for more than 30 years. His firm, Jude M. Werra & Associates, specializes in Board Member and Officer Retained executive search and selection services. The firm has been widely recognized for creating the Liars Index®, which measures the percentage of executives who misrepresent their education claims on their resumes. Media outlets worldwide report quarterly on this semi-annual index. In his blog, Clarity, Jude offers his observations, experiences, insights and opinions on subjects related to executive selection and career management.